Superior Thread Top Tension Pro
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Top Tension Pro (For HQ & BL Longarms)

The Top Tension Pro is a groundbreaking new way to measure, record, and refer threads to achieve excellent tension each time you swap threads.

Designed to work on all Handi Quilter and Baby Lock longarm and midarm machines. A pre-filled tension reference guide is included with the instructions.

The Top Tension Pro and the TOWA bobbin tension gaugeare two essential tools in measuring tension on longarm and midarm machines.  Think about your car for a minute.  To keep your car operating at optimum level, it is necessary to keep the tires properly inflated.  We use a tire air pressure gauge to measure air pressure in car tires. The gauge does not fix the under- or over-inflated tire pressure, but provides a measurement so we know when they are properly inflated.  Similarly, longarm tension gauges are tools to help us operate at optimum performance.  Tension gauges do not fix tension issues.  They provide a measurement we can refer to in order to achieve proper stitching.

Proper tension is necessary for both top and bobbin thread.  Because longarm machines stitch at a faster speed and move in multiple directions, they apply more tension to thread compared to home machines.  Adjusting both top and bobbin tensions on a longarm is often required with every thread change.  Until now, there has been no way to accurately measure the top tension, so every thread change resulted in multiple attempts to get the tension just right.  The Top Tension Pro greatly simplifies this. It is a patented electronic top tension measuring device.

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Superior Thread Top Tension Pro

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